Austin Software Cooperative Vulk Partners With Research Firm Sentier

AUSTIN, Texas, April 27, 2016 -- Software development cooperative Vulk today announces its partnership with custom research agency Sentier Strategic Resources to provide an unprecedented software design and development experience.

This partnership will give customers an unparalleled approach to research-driven user experience and user interface design. Vulk designs, builds and deploys software for those in need of a technical team approach. Sentier conducts custom research on those designs that helps clients better understand and respond to the behavior, perceptions and expectations of their market.

"Vulk is pleased to announce this partnership with Sentier," said Taylor Carpenter, Vulk co-founder and partner. "Vulk knows Sentier's resources and credentials are unique - its team is comprised of experts in cognitive psychology and technical communications, each having PhDs and years of experience in finding answers to real world questions. Together we will provide a service for each client that is research-driven, enhancing the designer's intuition."

"Vulk approached Sentier with the partnership due to its expertise in handling all aspects of the research process," Carpenter said. Sentier will bring in users to test and drive Vulk's user experience design. This can include calls to action, social interaction and conversion rates. Once this data is captured, it is then given to clients with Vulk and Sentier's feedback for the most specialized, targeted user experience possible.

"Businesses aren't providing these services with Sentier's resources, credentials and experience," said Carpenter. "We are confident that this will become a valuable resource for those who work with us."

Vulk's four-partner team has more than 40 years of experience. Vulk uses interface and experience design and implementation. Specialties include Ember.js, Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Erlang, Bourbon Neat, client-side JavaScript frameworks and API development. Sentier's specialization in areas such as market research, user experience, product development research, human factors, pricing research and international research adds to a heightened user experience and feedback for a more specific, targeted outcome for clients.

About Vulk

Vulk solves business problems with a blend of creative and development services in a cooperative environment. As an employee owned software agency, we're able to work hands on with our clients to provide customized solutions to meet their requirements.

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