Celebrating our 2 years in business with a shiny new .coop domain!

Vulk is proud to be a part of the .coop movement and announce our official induction to the International Cooperative Alliance.

Since our inception in 2013, we at Vulk continue to challenge the norms of traditional management, question what it means to be a business owner, and determine how best to steer members’ personal development trajectories to their fullest potential. At Vulk Coop, our members determine management direction, budgetary decisions, and developing software philosophies.

The Vulk Team has utilized Bourbon & Neat for design, Rails APIs for enterprise clients, SpreeCommerce online stores, and EmberJS frontend applications. New projects last year have included MVPs (minimum viable products) for Telemedicine, an Employee Benefits Platform, a Custom Event Scheduling platform for a nonprofit, and a Document Publishing Collaboration platform.

Additionally, we founded the Austin Software Cooperatives Meetup in 2015, which we host at Patchwork Austin, a coworking space at the Mueller Development. The Software Coop Meetup is a great place to discuss the dynamics of a coop as well as the challenges a coop may face with member onboarding, management, and the true meaning of fairness. Join the conversation at http://www.meetup.com/Austin-Software-Co-operatives/!

2015 was filled with momentum, growth, and support from the Austin community. This year should also be an adventure! We plan to release multiple, internally developed projects to the community that will provide aid to other cooperatives, consultancies and freelancers who face team and project management challenges. We also have exciting new projects to build for our partners.

Expect to see updates about these projects as well as various open source initiatives at http://vulk.coop.